1. What is Naxxramas 200?

Well, Naxxramas 200 as we call it is clearing the entire of Naxxramas with item level appropriate gear, this means nothing above the intro gear (t7).

2. Where does this gear come from?

This gear mostly comes from Rep, RDF heroic and early wotlk crafting recipes.

3. But I can just use all 277 itemlevel from ICC25HC right?

Wrong. While there is no actual achievement with doing Naxxramas in specific gear, it challenges you personally to reach DPS checks, Threat management and healing thoughput, this in itself as we see it is a personal achievement.

4. Do I need to do anything beyond getting gear?

Yes. It's very important that you get the most out of your toon's potential. by no means is there no excuse not to put the effort into it. You will need to know the boss strats explicitly before hand. You should have the best available enchants/gems in your gear.

5. What is the boss strat?

The boss strats are fairly straight forward but change between each boss, as illustrated below with the images and blocks of text.

Spider Wing -

The first wing we'll take a look at is the Spider Wing this is commonly regarded as the easiest wing to complete starting from Anub'Rekhan and finishing at Maexxna.

If you followed this guide and the stars aligned perfectly, congratulations you are now a Naxxramas Raider.